So, why did we buy a bus?

I have avoided sitting down and starting our blog specifically because of this post. It is so hard for me to put into words why we are doing this. But to sum it up:

It just makes sense.

We have been pretty typical so far – we met in high school, went to college (both stayed close to home bc of each other) , got ‘real jobs’, got married, bought a house, got a few dogs, then had a kid. Super typical, right?! Throughout all of this we have been very happy, we have an amazing community of family and friends and are comfortable. But, there has been something nagging at us ever since we bought the house and truly settled down.

A lot of times we feel trapped. By the mortgage. By PTO allowance. By social commitments. By travel costs. And the list goes on. We have realized that when we are traveling, we both seem to be in the zone if you will, and honestly, I never want to come home. The only thing that brings me home is our dogs! I always missed them and have trust issues with others watching them 🙂

It drives us nuts how expensive life is, and how we have apparently reached the ‘American dream” but all that means is our weekends are filled with yard work and too much of our take home pay goes to bills and maintenance. What is that about? We have tried to fight it repeatedly, but we cannot seem to escape the problem of this so called dream. Again, we are happy! Seriously, at the end of every day I cannot thank God enough for all my blessings and the contentment in my heart. But something is off…

So now go to February 2017. Jaime has been building a form of a tiny house in our backyard for office/yoga space. It is something we have wanted to do since we bought the house and it has been a fun, yet challenging project for us. So we had delved into the tiny home community a bit and heard of a tiny house festival coming nearby. We decided it would be fun to go so we bought the tickets and looked forward to it coming up.

We met a friend there and ended up having a great time. She was interested in buses that would also be there and that was the very first time I heard about skoolies. Honestly, I thought she was crazy and just looked at a few buses to be nice. I did go on one bus, @midwestwanderers and was blown away. It was the last thing I expected and I remember thinking ‘oh, I could do this’. However, I was more interested in the traditional tiny homes the whole day and still when we left. Well, I guess Jaime was intrigued because he continued to look into skoolies after the festival and was just familiarizing himself with the concept. We found some on Youtube and were impressed with the concept and the impressive conversions we saw.  I don’t remember when, but a few weeks after the festival it just kind of clicked for me – this was the perfect solution to our frustrations!

And we have never looked back since….

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