We Need More Progress

I have decided that one of the hardest things about committing to a bus conversion is finding a place to park the bus. This is a topic that we have had some heated arguments over, but we do both agree that at this point the bus has to move.

We are in a great situation where we have some amazing family that have let us park Gillie on their property and we are so incredibly thankful for that! The problem is that we live an hour away from them, Jaime has a full time office job, and I am chasing around a 16 month old all day long. All of that combined means we never get to work on the bus and we are going crazy with the lack of progress.

We have spent the past few weeks calling around trying to find a place that works for us. We need somewhere within a 20 minute drive, 24 hour access is ideal and someone who is ok with us completing a bunch of work on the property – and it has not been the easiest task.

We are beginning to feel a bit pressed for time as our deadline is quickly approaching. Our aim is to list the house for sale or rent mid February. We do not expect the bus to be completed by then but it needs to definitely be farther along. Once we move out of the house, we will most likely send the bus to a nearby company to help us finish the build or we will dedicate every waking hour to finishing it as quickly as possible.

We are trying to not get our hopes up, but we may have found a place this week. A bit of an issue is that a spot is not available for another 6 weeks. However, I think that is actually a blessing in disguise as there are still some big ticket items that need to be done at the house. So if this place does work out, we get a deadline to finish the items at the house and then can solely focus on the bus!


For now we have to keep our eye on the prize and remember why we want to do this in the first place!


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