Waiting is Annoying

Even though so much has been going on this past year, we still feel like we are in this annoying waiting stage right now. In a limbo between 9 to 5 and home projects and family time and living a simpler life (hopefully!) We are, and have been, ready to move on to the bus and are trying to be patient, but patience has never been a strong character trait of mine.

But I have realized that this waiting stage is what we need. First off, it is solidifying our decision to do this. Everyday that passes it seems as though we are becoming more confident in our decision to live the bus life. I remember the day we bought the bus, the exact moment we won the bid on ebay, and looking back, the amount of doubt and insecurity I had is hard to wrap my head around, how was I ok with us buying a bus!? So to see the progress we have both made is very encouraging. We still have not ‘come out of the closet’ if you will with the majority of our friends and family, so us being strong and confident together in our decision I am sure will be much needed once we do make the move and our community knows what we are up to. We do not expect everyone to be supportive and I do not want others fears and push back to get to us.

Secondly, it is giving us time to plan out the move and decide what to do with our house. We have a toddler, a baby on the way, and 2 rambunctious boxers, so this move probably will not be the smoothest! (I have felt crazy many days before, but after writing this sentence I definitely think we are crazy for doing this 🙂 ) However, by taking our time and not rushing the move, we can slowly move on to the bus, taking our time organizing our belongings, and helping the whole family adjust. Also, the decision of selling or renting the house has seriously been exhausting and we are both over talking about it! But this time has resulted in some quality discussions about what is best for us and in the end we should avoid any regret regarding our decision for the house, because we will have taken over a year to think it over and discuss all options.

So, is waiting fun? No, some days it is painful. But I am thankful that this process has been a slower one than anticipated, and we are joyful for our upcoming adventure!

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