What We Have Learned So Far

We have owned our bus for 14 months (seriously?!) and it has been quite the journey! We have had many ups and downs and have learned more than we could have imagined already, and have so much more to learn still. We thought we would share some of the things we have learned along the way that might be helpful if you are considering buying your own bus.


Slow your roll

Your conversion will take longer than you expect. Let me repeat that, your conversion will take longer than you expect! If you are reading this, you probably have watched your fair share of youtube videos of conversions. If so, you have heard people talk about how it takes longer and is harder than expected. Do yourself a favor and believe them. Have a reasonable timeframe, or better yet, start with no timeframe, and enjoy the ride.


Decision fatigue

So. Many. Decisions. If you have built a home before, you understand. Be prepared to think and decide on the tiniest of details you never thought of before. The different options of buses is only the beginning! Think of wall switches, location of wall switches, floorplan (stupid wheel wells!), materials, windows, doors, weight distribution (a big one!), appliances, faucets, you get the picture. It is fun to build and plan your home, but somedays you just do not want to decide where the light switch should go…


The Skoolie Community is Amazing

We have barely scratched the surface of getting to know other bus folk and full timers, and we are blown away by how welcoming and nice everyone is! We cannot wait to develop friendships, caravan with others, support each other, and simply be more a part of the community. It is a great feeling to find a group of people who are similar in your priorities and beliefs.


A Bus Conversion Will Force You to Grow

I usually fight challenges, while Jaime embraces them, and I can say that this process has pushed me past my comfort zone and I am thankful! Going against the grain is not easy for me. Simply buying a bus was completely overwhelming and scary, you should have seen how nervous I was to make calls to get insurance! Add on all the research and tasks I have had to do that don’t come with a ‘how to’ book and I have grown a great deal. I am excited and also dreading the growth I will experience once we move in and start traveling.


Bus Life Will Take Over Your Life (and you will love it)

Seriously, the bus is 80% of what we talk and think about. It would be 100% if it was not for the toddler and newborn in our life 🙂 We daydream about the future, think through where the sink should go and what color we should paint the bus, then talk about our daily thoughts at dinner and once the kids are asleep we research and watch other conversions on Youtube, go to sleep and then repeat!


Your Friends and Family Will be Supportive (mostly)

Of course there will always be haters, but we have mostly had positive responses from our friends and family! We still have people to tell but at this point a large amount of our community has found out about the bus, and we continue to be surprised by how supportive everyone is. This was one of the things we were most concerned about so it has been a huge relief to be supported by our community which also helps motivate us to keep going.


You Have to Make Sacrifices

This has been hard. It sounds obvious, but once you are in it the sacrifices can be really hard. We chose to buy a bus and do a conversion, we knew there would be sacrifices, but some days it feels like you are making sacrifice after sacrifice for no gain. You have to keep your eye on the prize and constantly remind yourself why you have taken on this monumental project or there is the very real threat you will give up and stop. You will feel crazy as you watch others around you buying bigger houses and living in the convenience of material possessions. You may get angry when you have to eat yet another pb&j instead of going out, you may not enjoy weekends anymore because it means endless work instead of relaxing family time and in the end you might have second thoughts when it comes time to actually hand over your keys to your home. But as we get closer and closer to being finished, we can say the sacrifices so far have been worth it.


So that’s it, just a handful of the things we have learned so far. Of course, we have learned tons more and if you have a specific question feel free to ask! Taking on a bus conversion is not a light decision nor for the light hearted, but we believe that in the end we will have a simpler life that allows our family to thrive and grow closer together, and that seems worth it to us.

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