2 weeks in…

We have officially lived in our bus for 2 weeks! WOOT WOOT! That feels like a ridiculous time period to be excited about, but this has been such a long time coming. From buying the bus to moving in, it has been 22 months – that is a long time! We never thought it would take us this long to move in, but also we were so naive when we bought the bus, oh if we only knew! For those of you who are reading this considering doing a conversion – just rethink it through before commiting. We are so happy with our choice to do a conversion instead of buying a travel trailer, but wow conversions are so much more work than you could ever imagine. I can go into more detail about that in another post, but for now let’s celebrate!

We moved into our bus, yay! You know what I think is the most interesting part of finally moving in? It is like all the weirdness and stigma has fallen away. During the conversion there was always this weird part to the anticipation, of “wow, we are going to live on a bus, that is kind of strange”. But now that we have moved in, I don’t feel weird or odd or anything special. It just feels like home! The hardest part of moving in has been the fact that our bus is unfinished, but that was unavoidable for us. In a larger home, it would not be so bad. But when your home is roughly 250 sq ft and your closets are not built yet, that is rough! The blessing through it not being done yet is that we can figure out how our flow works and build to suit instead of wanting to make modifications soon after moving in.

So, here is a list of some of our favorite things after living in our bus conversion for 2 weeks:

  1. We love our beddy’s bed! Seriously amazing. I just wish they made a size for the kids bunks.
  2. We love our layout. Our kids room is in front of the bus, then our living room, and then the bathroom and master are in the back. It was important to us to have some privacy and space so we separated the rooms and it makes it feel more like a home. We love the flow of it.
  3. Cleaning. It is very quick and easy! I sweep 2-3 times everyday, but it takes approximately 3 minutes so I do not mind one bit. Also, decluttering after the kids is very quick as well. We only have a few toys on the bus and they all go together in the same bin. Unfortunately, dishes still take a while 🙁
  4. The kids relationship. We have a 3 year old and 11 month old. They are just getting to the point where they are starting to play together and being in the small space is enhancing that even more. Sharing the bunks has already created some really sweet moments of them playing together.

Here are a few things that have been harder to adjust to:

  1. Not being level can be annoying! We ran out of time and were not able to prep our site at my parents farm before we moved in. The first 2 days the bus was very unlevel and it was pretty rough, then we adjusted the bus and backed it in more (more shade!) and now it is fairly close to level. The biggest annoyance with it is the water in the sink won’t all drain out (and it gets nasty :/)
  2. The lack of completeness. But this has nothing to do with it being a bus. It is simply inconvenient to live in a space that is not finished, but not too much longer!
  3. Our composting toilet. We decided to try our hand at a diy one because we are not ready to spend 1k on a toilet. We are already working on a few adjustments that we think will make it easier. In the long run it will be very easy, but never having used one before we are learning in the process!
  4. Learning how much water we use – not a frustration but a bit disappointing. When we moved in, we had 47 gallons of water in our tank (we have a 100 gallon fresh tank). I decided to go off of that to see how long it would last. Now, on day 15 we have 7 gallons left. But, we are still showering in the house and I am barely doing dishes in the bus. So that is simply from drinking water, a little bit of dishes, brushing our teeth and washing faces.

So, all in all the transition is going well! We have so much to learn and are pretty clueless about most things still, but learning along the way is part of the journey.


Do you live tiny? If so, what was your experience first moving in?

If you are considering it or are simply curious, ask any questions you have! We want to help others in their journey, whether that being going tiny or simply understanding more, so let’s chat!

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