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Lifestyle Design. Ever heard of it? Well, I (Jessica) had not until Jaime all the sudden would not stop talking about it. Turns out he was reading a book (The 4 hour work week) and that was a big take away for him. This was about a month or two before we sold our home to move into our bus so it was helpful to have more of a label on what we were doing. Our intention was to be more purposeful in the way we lived our life, so we could have more freedom in our everyday choices and long term goals for our family.

You see, something really bothered us about life since the day we bought our house and settled down. We liked the house, loved the community, had great friends, well paying jobs and were happily newly married, but both of us had this annoying tug that would not go away. Every now and then, one of us would get frustrated and we would sit down and try to find a solution to our annoyance. The attempt was always to lessen our spending and we would review our budget for hours. The problem was, at the end of the day, there was not a whole lot of cutting out to do. The simple fact was that life was expensive, especailly as a homeowner with taxes, insurance and the constant need for upkeep. Then add in our strong sense of adventure and we felt trapped! With a mortgage, PTO to work around and general life happenings, travel barely could happen for us, and that did not bode well for either of us.

Well, fast forward a few years to us attending a tiny house festival and being introduced to the idea of bus conversions and living in one full time. After that day, we never looked back! This lifestyle of living in our bus full time frees us up financially and time wise so we can make the right choices for our family. No more paying thousands in property taxes and spending all day Saturday doing yard work. Now, we are debt free and we have more margin in Jaime’s salary to give more, invest more and save more. We are together more as a family, and we are more available to help those around us when needed.

We were introduced to a solution to our frustration, and we decided to take the jump and see if it was right for us. That is what lifestyle design is all about. Once you realize that you are in charge of your life, then you can make any necessary changes to design your days to work for you, not against you. Something that we realized was that the typical American dream, was not our dream. But we honestly did not know there was a way out! That seems ridiculous to us now, but a few years ago we never could have imagined taking charge of our life and arranging things to work for how we wanted to live our life.

Living full time is certainly not for everyone. But I want to challenge you to take a step towads a goal that you have. Commit yourself to following that dream or to taking the time to figure out what is bothering you, and do something about it! Break outside your everyday and begin to design your lifestyle. Get creative, do research, reach out to others for advice, and decide that you are going to design your days in a way that helps you reach your goals and live in a way you are excited about.

We are new on our adventure, and we are both aware that this might only work for a short time for us. But that is ok! We will never look back with the dreaded question of “what if?” We are so thankful that we chose to listen to that annoying tug, and open our eyes to more than what we were familiar with.

Be crazy enough and decide to live out YOUR dreams. Seriously, go!

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