Different Location, Same Routine

We have been living the sweet bus life for 9 weeks now (what?!). This last week we have stayed at my brothers house in Athens, GA watching over their animals while they are on a trip and our bus gets some love at a nearby mechanic. We are preparing for our first trip in our bus and leave in 6 days! It is a short 4 night stay with some friends at Skidaway Island, GA but we are excited to get a peek at life on the road!

I have surprisingly learned many things this week while animal and house sitting, but a big take away for me has been how flexible kids really are. I have been very impressed at how our kids have not skipped a beat and I have spent some time reflecting on this. Our son is 3 and our daughter is 1, so we are still in the littles stage and as fellow parents out there know, kids are most comfortable in routine and knowing what to expect (especially the littles). This simple fact gave me a hefty dose of anxiety while preparing for bus life (how will the kids handle constant change? will this be a huge failure?) And I was again worried about this when we had to leave the bus for its first mechanic trip and decided to come stay in a house they have never spent the night in before.

Thankfully, I can now say that as long as we maintain a similar schedule everyday, then the changing scenery simply adds excitement into our days! We have maintained a similar schedule with the kids since day 1 and it has become clear that the schedule, and having open communication with them about what to expect, is what provides them with their security, not being in the same community all the time. We intentionally talk to them every morning at breakfast and tell them what our day looks like, and it always follows the same format (details below), regardless of where we are. This seems to take away any anxiety of being in a new place and we sometimes can see our 3 year old relax in the comfort of knowing what is to come.


This has been such a relief to see first hand how flexible the kids can be and helps me understand what I need to do to help them feel secure and enjoy their days thoroughly. It is one more checkbox showing that traveling with kids is not only possible, but so worth the effort! Now, we just have to figure out how to handle changing time zones regularly :/

If interested, here is a typical breakdown of our days (travel days to be figured out soon)

Baby/mom/dad up and coffee brewing 🙂

Breakfast for those awake 

Baby nap and toddler wakes up if not already awake

Keep coffee flowing, finish breakfast, a little cleaning & preparing for day

Baby up from nap then we go do any fun activity or needed errands

Home for lunch (sometimes a picnic at a park)

Nap/quiet time

Snack/hangout around bus/free play


Family Time




Do you travel with kids? What has been your experience? Do you want to travel with kids but are letting the complications stop you? Talk to us, we want to help!

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