Lessons Learned From Our First Trip

We just got back from our very first trip in our bus! I cannot believe it actually happened and we are so thrilled for what is to come. We went to Skidaway Island State Park in GA and we would definitely recommend this campground for other travelers. Nice, spacious sites, well kept comfort stations, 30 mins from a beach and 20 min from Savannah.

We knew this first trip was going to be full of lessons learned, and wow it did not disappoint! We had transmission issues getting down there, items not properly secured while driving, I locked me and the kids out of the bus, and then we ran out of fuel on the way home! Good grief, it was a lot to handle. But honestly, we loved it. This is the lifestyle we have been working towards and even though it may be hard to believe, all those problems were worth the reward. We were able to explore new places, let the kids experience the beach together, spend more time together as a family, go on TONS of bike rides, all with the comforts of home!

We have compiled a list of the highlights that we have learned so others can hopefully learn from them too, so here we go:

1. Be mentally prepared for things to go wrong. Luckily, we were! We were aware that we may have transmission issues so we both left with the proper mindset. Being mentally prepared allows you to focus and remain calm when it does go wrong. If you are not prepared, then you may panic and you will not be able to resolve your issues while panicking on the side of the highway. It will simply make matters worse. It is not a matter of if you will end up on side of the road, but when.

2. Know your rig & most utilized tools. If you end up needing a repair, then you cannot do anything without proper tools. This does not mean to carry every tool with you, that would take up too much space and weight! But think through what is most likely to go wrong (flat tire, hot engine, broken storage bay, etc..) and bring some tools that will help you get back on the road. Alongside that, you have to empower yourself by knowing your rig and how to fix things. We have AAA and highly recommend everyone have that, but you don’t want to have to call roadside for a seemingly easy repair. Take the time to understand things before you are on the road, and especially before you have no cell signal! In line with is, write down your length and height before you leave and put it on a note card near the driver. When driving up to a bridge with a 14′ clearance, the last thing you need is to not know how tall you are and if you are going to make it! Eek.

3. Plan your route & know how to set up and break down camp. Depending on the size of your rig, you really need to plan your route. We are big, so before we leave, we review maps, street view of turns, and plan our breaks along the way. When we got to Skidaway, I drove to our site first to see the route Jaime would come in with the bus to give him an understanding of what to expect. Side note: also make sure you reserve a proper site! I was worried when I saw our site (50 ft back in) but Jaime handled it like a boss 🙂 Also, we have watched Keep Your Daydream’s and Less Junk More Journey’s videos of how to set up and break down and that was very helpful! RVer’s are very friendly, but you don’t want to arrive and have no idea how to get electric, water & sewer going.

4. Lastly, just go and have fun! The first time traveling in your RV can be scary and intimidating (especially once you arrive to the campground) but calmly working through the stress will bring so many rewards, and then the next trip will be that much easier!

Do you RV? If so, do you have any tips or tricks to share? Please do!

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