Absorbing Growth & Change

I (Jessica) am a processor. I have to sit back and embrace periods of growth. It takes time for me to wrap my head around it all and understand what is happening or just transpired. And if I am hearing God speaking extra loudly in my life, forget about it. I barely can have a conversation because I am so far in to the quietness and trying to hear Him clearly. Seriously, we had a date night last week and I almost ruined it by being so quiet! Anyone else like this?

That is why we have been so quiet on social media lately. I am trying to embrace ALL the growth and change we have experienced this year. And honestly, it is so overwhelming that I have just been shut down for a couple weeks (in a good way!). But I am starting to slowly come out of the crazy processing of what my life is now. There are two major takeaways that I have so far:

1. It was never about the bus. Thank you Tina! I had been slowly coming to this conclusion and then saw Tina from @weliveonabus put my thoughts into words. During the conversion we were so absorbed in bus, bus, bus and more bus, that I never realized what we were doing had nothing to do with the physical bus. The bus was simply the tool that got us to push past ordinary and start to understand how to live life the way we wanted and deserved! The tool for everyone is different, you simply have to be willing to ride the crazy, challenging, and emotional journey of drastic growth & change.

2. Pushing past fear has opened up possibilities I never could have imagined. I now have so much more confidence in every facet of my life. I am no longer intimidated beyond belief about homeschooling our children, heck we are heavily leaning towards an unschooling approach and I am not afraid to put that out there now! I now know that if God takes us down a crazy hard path that involves adoption, that we can thrive through that. Completing the Camino de Santiago? We got this, even with 2 toddlers! Creatively finding passive income streams? Not only are we capable but we are worthy of exploring that!

I do not know why it took us completely changing our whole life for me to realize that I am capable and worthy of these things, but man it is such a great place to be. I am so thankful that we felt called to bus life because now I cannot imagine ever going back to ordinary. Ordinary for me looks like going through the motions and simply doing things because “that is what we do”. No, never again. And I want you to know that you are capable of all your craziest dreams too! I am no one special, there is nothing about me that should deserve the freedom I now have in my day to day. So please understand, whatever thoughts you have that get you excited, make you start smiling and you can’t stop, keep you up at night researching, those are the dreams you are worthy of and are capable of. Start believing in yourself and taking steps to making your dreams become a reality.

Need more motivation? Reach out! We love helping others push past fear and encouraging them along their journey, whatever that may look like!

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