I Don’t Love Tiny Living, But the Freedom is Worth It

Let me first start by saying, tiny living is not bad! Really, it is so much easier than I was anticipating and I could definitely do this for years to come. It simply takes a thankful mindset, less stuff, and organization. Which, isn’t that a good way to live anyways?! But also, there are daily inconveniences that can be hard to swallow some days, when I am just not in a good mood and am being lazy, really. But, at the end of the day, I would make the decision to live tiny time and time again.

There are many reasons why the inconveniences of tiny living are worth it. Here are a few of them:

First, we are debt free. We do not owe anyone and live within our means. We do utilize a credit card for points to help with international travel, but we pay it off in full every month. Don’t be fooled though, we still spend a ton of money. Cost of living is sky high, simply what we spend on food makes me a bit sick. But the money spent is on necessities (food, propane, diapers, diesel, clothes here and there.) We do not waste as much money on Amazon anymore because before we buy something, we have to plan out where it will be stored. No space means no money spent!

Secondly, we have so much family time now. Before, Jaime would wake up early to try to beat traffic, still sit in traffic for at least 1 hour (both ways) and then try to leave the office at a reasonable time, and still only get to see the kids for maybe 30 minutes to 1 hour. Just thinking back to that makes me frustrated. That is no way to live and is detrimental to the family unit. Seriously, it is. Now, Jaime has no commute, we all wake up when we want to (well, really when the baby wakes us up which is now about 7:45 everyday, YAY) and have breakfast together, lunch together and dinner together. Everyone’s quality of life is better and Jaime actually gets to be a part of raising his kids and have a deeper relationship with them.

Lastly, let’s talk about travel. Which is a bit ridiculous and amazing. There are so many things I could bring up in this part, but I will focus on opportunities and growth. Jaime and I have always loved to adventure. Jaime requires frequent adventuring and we have attempted to prioritize travel in the past, but alas, life always got in the way. Big deadline so no PTO allowed, had to repair the retaining wall so no money, or simply too tired with our over scheduled lives to plan anything! We only could ever manage 1, maybe 2 trips a year and we were always frustrated about it. Now, we simply wake up one day and say “hey, I want to go here” and then we plan a time and route and GO. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Also, that means there is no pressure on trips. You know how you want everything to be perfect, kids happy, no meltdown, delicious food, smooth bedtimes etc when on vacation? And then you get so upset when things don’t go as planned? Yeah, it sucks. But now, there is no pressure. We simply extend our stay or know that we can easily go back in the future.

But travel is so much more than fun adventuring. It is constant growth, because you are almost always out of your comfort zone. You are always meeting new people and seeing that the world is so much bigger than your little bubble. Traveling is fun learning, that you actually enjoy and remember, not because you were threatened with bad grades and forced to read it in a book, but because you were standing on the battlefield and saw the weapons they actually used. I could go on and on, and yes we love to adventure, but we love the opportunities and growth from travel even more.

So yes, living tiny can be hard some days. But our life now feels more natural than it did before in our sticks and bricks. We are not burdened down by a big house to clean, furnish and heat. We are not separated everyday by Jaime dealing with the rat race & commute, instead we have quality family time. At some point, you have to make a decision about what is most important to you. No life is perfect, every priority requires sacrifices somewhere. To us, right now, the sacrifice of living tiny is worth the quality family time and memories of new places, experiences, and learning together. To put it simply, we have reduced our overhead and have more breathing room. And it is such a breath of fresh air.

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