Living A Life More in Tune with Nature

We are currently changing from fall to winter and it is our first cold season in the bus. I have never been a fan of cold weather, I am a true southerner in that respect. Until I had babies, I was always beyond freezing and survived through the winter almost frost bitten from head to toe, despite our mild winters in GA. Thankfully my body can handle cold better now, how weird it is the things pregnancy changes about our bodies. But alas, I will always prefer stifling 90 degree heat over sweater weather. As luck would have it, we are home for the holidays and we are experiencing the coldest November I can remember ever having lived in GA, a whopping 25 years.

At this point, we have had about a weeks worth of nights in the 30s and next week we get to enjoy 2 nights in a row in the 20s. As far as RV living goes, we have a good setup for heating and our mini split works wonders, despite the rooms getting pretty cold because the heat does not disperse well. With that being said, climate control in an RV vs a sticks and bricks has been a different experience for us. There seems to be a set limit and at some point you will either be uncomfortably hot or cold, whichever season you find yourself in. Coming from a comfortable sticks and bricks life, this at first was a hard, and deflating, realization. I was already living in a mere 250 sq ft, I did not need yet another inconvenience in my life! We are so drawn to comfort in this life, and that pull is so hard it can be maddening when you don’t have it. But I truly believe life begins to happen when you get out of this comfort and away from what you know.

I can now say I am really enjoying experiencing the change of seasons in a more personal way. Truly having to modify our day to day, being vulnerable to the ways of mother nature and what surprises she throws at us. Despite my annoyance with cold, it feels good to live in it and be forced to notice the inner workings of our beautiful world. The different sounds, winds, locations of the sun. Noticing the rest coming over all the trees and animals as their daily chores slow down. Going to bed much earlier and waking with the sun before 7 am. Finally being able to enjoy copious amounts of roasted vegetables. And enjoying the added heat from the use of the stove! There is a completeness to life when you turn your back to some of our modern day conveniences, and thrust yourself into more of a trusting mindset. Trusting that we will be warm enough with our body heat and snuggles, that we can use less water and still eat plentiful and not stink each other out, trust that we will always have a (parking) spot to lay our heads at night. Trust leaves room for more gratitude, which then brings on more joy. It is a beautiful cycle!

It feels good to appreciate the beauty in all seasons, not just the convenient Spring and Fall, as they all have different looks, feels and important roles to achieve. So instead of being annoyed by the cold in my bones, I am welcoming it and making myself another cup of hot tea. And also being thankful we get to move our home to warmer weather right after the holidays 🙂

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