I Am Not a Quitter Anymore (And Neither Are You)

When I was a senior in high school I quit soccer. It was quite the scandal at the time. Soccer had been my whole life since I was a very young girl. I had traveled all over the country playing and my world revolved around the sport. The pressure and obsession with winning from coaches and others left me drained, and inevitably I grew to loathe the sport because of it. Why could we just not have fun?Despite this being the right decision for me, that was when I labeled myself as a quitter and started to struggle with negative self talk. Why could I not enjoy the sport anymore like all of my friends? Why was I not strong enough to just suck it up and deal with one last season? Why, why why. I was elated with my decision and so proud of myself for finally standing up for what I wanted. But still, I was now a quitter.

Looking back at the years since then, I see the label I put on myself holding me back. Not only the actual label of quitter (can you say job hopper?!) but also the impact of the negative association with that label bringing down my self image and confidence. It stopped me from starting projects, stopped me from thinking I was capable of dreams, stopped me from pursuing challenges.
I can remember when Jaime and I were discussing the pros and cons of doing a bus conversion vs buying a travel trailer. One of my biggest concerns was us having the endurance to finish a project, see it to the end and actually build a home that we could live in. I almost stopped us from leaping into the best decision we have ever made for our family, all because of a stupid label!
Now, in my wise old age 🙂 , I recognize that this label was incorrect. I did not quit because I am a quitter, I quit because it was not a good thing in my life anymore. And I am proud of myself for fighting against the pressure to keep playing. I recognized something that was unhealthy in my life and therefore took it out of my life.

Labels are tricky. Most of the time we don’t even know they are there, hovering over us like a dark cloud blotting out the sun. Following us around, stopping our dreams dead in their tracks and keeping us on the straight and narrow. Thankfully, and with Jaime’s help, I was able to recognize this label and call it out for its ridiculousness. I showed it who was boss by finishing this conversion and now living in it! It still trys to creep in some days, but then I just sit back and look at our (slightly janky) but awesome and quirky home, and smile to myself knowing I am not the lazy quitter I had been telling myself for years.

So here is the inevitable question, what ridiculous label are you walking around with? We all have them and they all need to be scratched out and rewritten with the truth. So please, sit down for 5 mintues today and recognize your self talk. Find the source of any recurring themes and then tackle it. Conquer it and flip the script. Your potential future is worth it, that I can promise you.

2 thoughts on “I Am Not a Quitter Anymore (And Neither Are You)”

  • Oh my gosh! I love this so much!!! I can definitely relate to the title of “quitter”, but I think even more I struggle with negative thoughts in general. For example practicing negativity over gratitude. It’s a constant battle but one well worth fighting! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

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