Let’s Be the Good

Hey guys, its been a while.  For that I am sorry, but I have realized that my love and passion for writing is the first to go under due stress, and well, I think we all can agree that 2020 has been just a tad stressful. However, I have prayed and worked my way back to center and calm (mostly) and am so excited to be writing again! What a joy to look back at the year and see God’s love and goodness through it all, as He has basically dragged me back from the low of the low.

I have so many things to say, but let’s first focus on joy and control. I truly believe our society has largely lost the art of being joyful, we have left it behind in pursuit of faster and better and debt and just 1 more activity for the kids (It’s ok that I spend 3 hours a day in my car!) and being so caught up in “needs” that we do not even understand what our basic needs are anymore. I think the beauty in the crap show that has been 2020 is that a lot of people have slowed down and been able to recognize the good in living a slower pace of life. They want more family time. Less time running from activity to activity and more time spent just being with loved ones. I see that a lot of people have motivation to make lasting change in their lives and there is so much beauty in that!

Unfortunately, there is also a lot of anxiety (my biggest struggle this year), lots of anger and frustration, and the worst part is we are taking it out on each other, and that is heart breaking to see. The first thing that must happen for this to stop is recognition at what is happening, and then you can move towards improvement. I have started to notice more and more recognition lately and it is exciting and relieving to see. I am hoping and praying for more and more recognition and then actively working against the anger, frustration and anxiety!

Ok, so what can we do as individuals during this time? For me, it comes down to recognizing what I have control over. And that is simply me, and only me. (Our two year old daughter has been doing a great job showing us we do not have control over her lately 🙂 ) What that looks like practically is focusing on ourselves. Taking time every day to fill up ourselves with goodness, whether that be time with God, yoga, running, journaling, reading or listening to music. Whatever lifts your spirits up and fills your heart. That needs to happen everyday! Next, focus on treating others better than they expect. Give them more than a smile, say hello and tell them you hope they have a beautiful day, send someone a care package instead of just texting saying you are thinking of them, do the dishes for your spouse, put the kids to bed so your spouse can have one night off, take on a task of a coworker if they are really struggling, you get the point. Just try to go above and beyond for someone else.

Lastly, this looks like not filling yourself up with things that frustrate you or create more anxiety. It means turning off the news, muting that persons posts on social media or staying off social media all together, it means staying away from heated discussions for a while so you can heal your heart. You have to remember that once we consume information, we cannot erase that from our memories, it is there to stay for a while, if not forever. So be cognizant of the power of what you consume and actively fight against what does not bring goodness into your life. And let’s be honest, missing out on articles for a few weeks will not impact your life negatively, but it may impact your life positively.

So that’s it. My advice is to focus on yourself. Don’t worry if someone has a liberal viewpoint or a conservative one, because you cannot control that. Let things go, and remember we are all humans who make mistakes and have feelings and deserve to be treated with love!

Let’s choose to be a part of the goodness and do our part to spread the love!

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