You Are Stronger Than You Think

Living on a bus changes you. At first it breaks you down, wears you out, questions your sanity and your qualifications of a minimalist. But then slowly it starts to release a better version of yourself. You realize how awesome God made you, you have time to be more present with friends and family, you are able to confront troubles head on and work through them better than ever. It shows you what you always knew deep down: that stuff usually sucks and holds you back. Like a baby learning to walk, you finally start to find yourself thats been hiding behind societies expectations and piles of stuff you “need” , you still fall, but as time goes on you become more stable in who you are, and its amazing seeing the beauty of this life through your new refined lens.

There were days in our first couple months on the bus that I wanted to quit. Living tiny does not give you the opportunity to run away from anything, literally. All your issues are right in front of you and you cannot escape. And it was really hard to face this some days. Looking back I recognize it as peeling away my outer, usually sour, layers. I had to get rid of these layers or living tiny would never be sustainable for my family. And even though it was hard, I look back on it and simply smile.

I am a better wife, mom, friend and human in general and I hope to always be growing and peeling back my layers, living a more open and raw life. It is scary, and my natural tendency is still to run away from the raw emotions, but I am working on catching myself before the sprint, sitting in it, and allowing the conversation to continue. And let me tell you, it is a beautiful thing. If you can work past the fear and vulnerability of raw emotions, what lies ahead is a beautiful life.

For you it might not be living on a bus, it might look like putting the phone down and journaling, getting coffee with that long lost friend, going on a morning walk everyday, adding more truth to the sales pitch, or simply being more mindful of your emotions and deciding to not turn your back on them anymore. Whatever it looks like for you, I want to encourage you to live a life more in tune with the current moment, confronting your emotions and purposefully working through them, resolving your own issues instead of leaving the crumbles at someone elses doorstep (and then using tons of energy to hold a grudge against them).

Let’s agree that we are strong enough to not hide behind technology and the convenient avoidance it provides us. Let’s agree we want more out of our life than scrolling and surface conversations. Let’s find the joy that comes from working through a challenging conversation with a loved one and let’s start expecting more from those around us. Let’s be strong in our love for all and get back to a simpler life, stripping away all the fog that disguises itself as “it’s just the way it is now”. Let’s not settle for a mediocore life. You deserve more. Those around you deserve more. So wake up, believe in yourself, and don’t be afraid of who you are, life begins when you realize your greatness.

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