Bus life

Absorbing Growth & Change

I (Jessica) am a processor. I have to sit back and embrace periods of growth. It takes time for me to wrap my head around it all and understand what is happening or just transpired. And if I am hearing God speaking extra loudly in […]

How to Stay Sane Living Tiny with 6

We have 2 adults, 1 toddler, 1 baby and 2 boxers living in our converted city bus. So, as you can imagine, it turns into a hot mess in about 3 seconds, several times a day! There are a few things I have learned that […]

Different Location, Same Routine

We have been living the sweet bus life for 9 weeks now (what?!). This last week we have stayed at my brothers house in Athens, GA watching over their animals while they are on a trip and our bus gets some love at a nearby […]

2 weeks in…

We have officially lived in our bus for 2 weeks! WOOT WOOT! That feels like a ridiculous time period to be excited about, but this has been such a long time coming. From buying the bus to moving in, it has been 22 months – […]

Waiting is Annoying

Even though so much has been going on this past year, we still feel like we are in this annoying waiting stage right now. In a limbo between 9 to 5 and home projects and family time and living a simpler life (hopefully!) We are, […]

So, why did we buy a bus?

I have avoided sitting down and starting our blog specifically because of this post. It is so hard for me to put into words why we are doing this. But to sum it up: It just makes sense. We have been pretty typical so far […]