What We Have Learned So Far

We have owned our bus for 14 months (seriously?!) and it has been quite the journey! We have had many ups and downs and have learned more than we could have imagined already, and have so much more to learn still. We thought we would […]

Waiting is Annoying

Even though so much has been going on this past year, we still feel like we are in this annoying waiting stage right now. In a limbo between 9 to 5 and home projects and family time and living a simpler life (hopefully!) We are, […]

We Need More Progress

I have decided that one of the hardest things about committing to a bus conversion is finding a place to park the bus. This is a topic that we have had some heated arguments over, but we do both agree that at this point the […]

Floorplan Woes

Creating a floorplan? Oh, that will be the easy part of the conversion. HA! Before we bought Gillie, we had already had numerous conversations about a floor plan and we thought we knew what we wanted. At this point, those discussions seem to have been […]