You Are Stronger Than You Think

Living on a bus changes you. At first it breaks you down, wears you out, questions your sanity and your qualifications of a minimalist. But then slowly it starts to release a better version of yourself. You realize how awesome God made you, you have […]

Let’s Be the Good

Hey guys, its been a while.  For that I am sorry, but I have realized that my love and passion for writing is the first to go under due stress, and well, I think we all can agree that 2020 has been just a tad […]

Bus Life vs RV Life

I didn’t realize how different they were. Jaime says he thought I knew considering we talked about it till we were blue in the face. But a fun fact about me is that I have to experience something to truly understand it. So what do […]

I Am Not a Quitter Anymore (And Neither Are You)

When I was a senior in high school I quit soccer. It was quite the scandal at the time. Soccer had been my whole life since I was a very young girl. I had traveled all over the country playing and my world revolved around […]

Living A Life More in Tune with Nature

We are currently changing from fall to winter and it is our first cold season in the bus. I have never been a fan of cold weather, I am a true southerner in that respect. Until I had babies, I was always beyond freezing and […]

I Don’t Love Tiny Living, But the Freedom is Worth It

Let me first start by saying, tiny living is not bad! Really, it is so much easier than I was anticipating and I could definitely do this for years to come. It simply takes a thankful mindset, less stuff, and organization. Which, isn’t that a […]

Our First Month of Nomadism

Well, we did it! We survived a whole month of life on the road. And I think survived might be the best way to describe it (kidding, it was awesome 🙂 ). Jaime and I both agree it was an amazing month, but also exhausting […]

Why We Chose a City Bus Instead of a School Bus

Want to take a guess at my first concern once we decided to pursue bus life? Not the typical, what about your job? What will people think? How is that possible with kids? Nope, that stuff I was not too worried about. My first concern […]

Different Location, Same Routine

We have been living the sweet bus life for 9 weeks now (what?!). This last week we have stayed at my brothers house in Athens, GA watching over their animals while they are on a trip and our bus gets some love at a nearby […]

Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle Design. Ever heard of it? Well, I (Jessica) had not until Jaime all the sudden would not stop talking about it. Turns out he was reading a book (The 4 hour work week) and that was a big take away for him. This was […]