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Lessons Learned From Our First Trip

We just got back from our very first trip in our bus! I cannot believe it actually happened and we are so thrilled for what is to come. We went to Skidaway Island State Park in GA and we would definitely recommend this campground for […]

Different Location, Same Routine

We have been living the sweet bus life for 9 weeks now (what?!). This last week we have stayed at my brothers house in Athens, GA watching over their animals while they are on a trip and our bus gets some love at a nearby […]

Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle Design. Ever heard of it? Well, I (Jessica) had not until Jaime all the sudden would not stop talking about it. Turns out he was reading a book (The 4 hour work week) and that was a big take away for him. This was about a month or two before we sold our home to move into our bus so it was helpful to have more of a label on what we were doing. Our intention was to be more purposeful in the way we lived our life, so we could have more freedom in our everyday choices and long term goals for our family.

You see, something really bothered us about life since the day we bought our house and settled down. We liked the house, loved the community, had great friends, well paying jobs and were happily newly married, but both of us had this annoying tug that would not go away. Every now and then, one of us would get frustrated and we would sit down and try to find a solution to our annoyance. The attempt was always to lessen our spending and we would review our budget for hours. The problem was, at the end of the day, there was not a whole lot of cutting out to do. The simple fact was that life was expensive, especailly as a homeowner with taxes, insurance and the constant need for upkeep. Then add in our strong sense of adventure and we felt trapped! With a mortgage, PTO to work around and general life happenings, travel barely could happen for us, and that did not bode well for either of us.

Well, fast forward a few years to us attending a tiny house festival and being introduced to the idea of bus conversions and living in one full time. After that day, we never looked back! This lifestyle of living in our bus full time frees us up financially and time wise so we can make the right choices for our family. No more paying thousands in property taxes and spending all day Saturday doing yard work. Now, we are debt free and we have more margin in Jaime’s salary to give more, invest more and save more. We are together more as a family, and we are more available to help those around us when needed.

We were introduced to a solution to our frustration, and we decided to take the jump and see if it was right for us. That is what lifestyle design is all about. Once you realize that you are in charge of your life, then you can make any necessary changes to design your days to work for you, not against you. Something that we realized was that the typical American dream, was not our dream. But we honestly did not know there was a way out! That seems ridiculous to us now, but a few years ago we never could have imagined taking charge of our life and arranging things to work for how we wanted to live our life.

Living full time is certainly not for everyone. But I want to challenge you to take a step towads a goal that you have. Commit yourself to following that dream or to taking the time to figure out what is bothering you, and do something about it! Break outside your everyday and begin to design your lifestyle. Get creative, do research, reach out to others for advice, and decide that you are going to design your days in a way that helps you reach your goals and live in a way you are excited about.

We are new on our adventure, and we are both aware that this might only work for a short time for us. But that is ok! We will never look back with the dreaded question of “what if?” We are so thankful that we chose to listen to that annoying tug, and open our eyes to more than what we were familiar with.

Be crazy enough and decide to live out YOUR dreams. Seriously, go!

2 weeks in…

We have officially lived in our bus for 2 weeks! WOOT WOOT! That feels like a ridiculous time period to be excited about, but this has been such a long time coming. From buying the bus to moving in, it has been 22 months – […]

What We Have Learned So Far

We have owned our bus for 14 months (seriously?!) and it has been quite the journey! We have had many ups and downs and have learned more than we could have imagined already, and have so much more to learn still. We thought we would […]

Waiting is Annoying

Even though so much has been going on this past year, we still feel like we are in this annoying waiting stage right now. In a limbo between 9 to 5 and home projects and family time and living a simpler life (hopefully!) We are, and have been, ready to move on to the bus and are trying to be patient, but patience has never been a strong character trait of mine.

But I have realized that this waiting stage is what we need. First off, it is solidifying our decision to do this. Everyday that passes it seems as though we are becoming more confident in our decision to live the bus life. I remember the day we bought the bus, the exact moment we won the bid on ebay, and looking back, the amount of doubt and insecurity I had is hard to wrap my head around, how was I ok with us buying a bus!? So to see the progress we have both made is very encouraging. We still have not ‘come out of the closet’ if you will with the majority of our friends and family, so us being strong and confident together in our decision I am sure will be much needed once we do make the move and our community knows what we are up to. We do not expect everyone to be supportive and I do not want others fears and push back to get to us.

Secondly, it is giving us time to plan out the move and decide what to do with our house. We have a toddler, a baby on the way, and 2 rambunctious boxers, so this move probably will not be the smoothest! (I have felt crazy many days before, but after writing this sentence I definitely think we are crazy for doing this 🙂 ) However, by taking our time and not rushing the move, we can slowly move on to the bus, taking our time organizing our belongings, and helping the whole family adjust. Also, the decision of selling or renting the house has seriously been exhausting and we are both over talking about it! But this time has resulted in some quality discussions about what is best for us and in the end we should avoid any regret regarding our decision for the house, because we will have taken over a year to think it over and discuss all options.

So, is waiting fun? No, some days it is painful. But I am thankful that this process has been a slower one than anticipated, and we are joyful for our upcoming adventure!

We Need More Progress

I have decided that one of the hardest things about committing to a bus conversion is finding a place to park the bus. This is a topic that we have had some heated arguments over, but we do both agree that at this point the […]

Floorplan Woes

Creating a floorplan? Oh, that will be the easy part of the conversion. HA! Before we bought Gillie, we had already had numerous conversations about a floor plan and we thought we knew what we wanted. At this point, those discussions seem to have been […]

So, why did we buy a bus?

I have avoided sitting down and starting our blog specifically because of this post. It is so hard for me to put into words why we are doing this. But to sum it up:

It just makes sense.

We have been pretty typical so far – we met in high school, went to college (both stayed close to home bc of each other) , got ‘real jobs’, got married, bought a house, got a few dogs, then had a kid. Super typical, right?! Throughout all of this we have been very happy, we have an amazing community of family and friends and are comfortable. But, there has been something nagging at us ever since we bought the house and truly settled down.

A lot of times we feel trapped. By the mortgage. By PTO allowance. By social commitments. By travel costs. And the list goes on. We have realized that when we are traveling, we both seem to be in the zone if you will, and honestly, I never want to come home. The only thing that brings me home is our dogs! I always missed them and have trust issues with others watching them 🙂

It drives us nuts how expensive life is, and how we have apparently reached the ‘American dream” but all that means is our weekends are filled with yard work and too much of our take home pay goes to bills and maintenance. What is that about? We have tried to fight it repeatedly, but we cannot seem to escape the problem of this so called dream. Again, we are happy! Seriously, at the end of every day I cannot thank God enough for all my blessings and the contentment in my heart. But something is off…

So now go to February 2017. Jaime has been building a form of a tiny house in our backyard for office/yoga space. It is something we have wanted to do since we bought the house and it has been a fun, yet challenging project for us. So we had delved into the tiny home community a bit and heard of a tiny house festival coming nearby. We decided it would be fun to go so we bought the tickets and looked forward to it coming up.

We met a friend there and ended up having a great time. She was interested in buses that would also be there and that was the very first time I heard about skoolies. Honestly, I thought she was crazy and just looked at a few buses to be nice. I did go on one bus, @midwestwanderers and was blown away. It was the last thing I expected and I remember thinking ‘oh, I could do this’. However, I was more interested in the traditional tiny homes the whole day and still when we left. Well, I guess Jaime was intrigued because he continued to look into skoolies after the festival and was just familiarizing himself with the concept. We found some on Youtube and were impressed with the concept and the impressive conversions we saw.  I don’t remember when, but a few weeks after the festival it just kind of clicked for me – this was the perfect solution to our frustrations!

And we have never looked back since….